Well we need to freaking calm down after hearing the latest cover of a Tay Tay Swift hit.

God of the country twang and the man with the best hair in the biz, Keith Urban, has taken on Taylor’s latest love song, ‘Lover’ and it’s honestly so beautiful we could cry.

Keith was performing at the Washington State Fair over the weekend when he changed things up a bit by performing a song that he didn’t write, but one that he sure wishes he did.

“Every now and then you hear a song that you love and wish you’d written…” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a video of the acoustic performance.

“And a HUGE thx to my band as well – we didn’t get to rehearse so… this is us fully winging it – KU #Lover @taylorswift”.


Yep, turns out you don’t need to practice when you’re already perfect. And that’s seriously what Keith and his band delivered. We really weren’t ready for it, and neither was Taylor obviously.

The mega star actually called Keith’s rendition of ‘Lover’ flawless on her Instagram story.

“Keith Urban covering Lover flawlessly,” she wrote to her cool 121 million followers. “I am screaming. This is so beautiful”.

The song comes from Taylor Swift’s seventh album of the same name and by far it’s her most romantic song yet.


With Keith himself being no stranger to the epic love song, it’s no wonder that he found a connection here.

So um, where can we download this Keith? Petitioning to have his version added to Spotify ASAP please and thank you.

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