Kelly Osbourne has been a well known personality for a long time now, not just because her dad is rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, but because her family had their own reality show.

It was called The Osbournes and it started airing on MTV back in 2002, following the domestic life of Ozzy and his family, including wife Sharon, Kelly and her brother Jack.

The show was like the original version of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and was very popular before it finished up in 2005.

While the show stopped airing a whopping fifteen years ago, there’s been talks recently about a possible reboot of the show. And Kelly sure isn’t doing anything to dispel those rumours.

Kelly joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning along with her good friend (and ours) Sophie Monk, when Jackie asked her straight out if this was a possibility.

“One of the things that people are talking about Kelly is a lot of ground swell about doing a reunion for The Osbournes and getting back together and doing a new reality show,” Jackie said.

“Oh I would love that,” Kyle added, which Sophie Monk chimed in with a supportive, “same”.


As for Kelly, she was much more coy.

“I can neither confirm nor deny anything on that,” she said.

“Ohhh that means you are!” Jackie exclaimed.

While Kelly wouldn’t really say anymore on the topic, it seems that the current climate might have actually inspired a possible reboot of what Kyle calls the greatest reality show ever.

Kelly says that she’s recently moved back in with her parents during the coronavirus quarantine and that their antics have been hilarious, just like they were back on the show.


“I will say though, I’ve been quarantining with my parents and living with them again, I’ve grown up a lot, I’m not a kid anymore, I’ve been through a lot, learnt from my mistakes, all that kind of stuff, and it’s different for them having my as an adult living with them again,” Kelly explained.

“But I will tell you they are exactly the same. My dad still can’t get the TV to work. My mum is still screaming at people over the phone… The other day we were trying to film something and me and my mum look over and two of the dogs are eating sh*t.

“And it was just like, how is it this never changes. Not one thing… We end the night every night laughing because it is very funny being with them like this again. I’m really enjoying it.”

So maybe their antics from living together again have sparked the idea for another reality show?! We hope so anyway!

But before then, Kelly will be doing another show of sorts with her mate Sophie Monk called ‘Social Dinnering’ with Hello Fresh!


Basically the girls are going to get together on Instagram Live tonight to cook a Hello Fresh meal, eat and have a chat!

Kelly told us that she’s excited about the live talk show but she’s also incredibly nervous, despite being a TV veteran.

“I will say I’m genuinely nervous,” she told us. “We live in a world that is ‘cancel culture’ crazy and I have been known to put my foot in my mouth all the time without even meaning to, and it’s live, and it’s me and Sophie, and you know what we’re like when we’re together.

“I know it sounds cool saying I’m nervous about it but I actually really am.”


“Yeah me too,” added Sophie.

Oh you girls will be fine! We certainly can’t wait to tune in! It’s all going down on Sophie Monk’s Instagram Live at 6pm tonight!

Hear more from our chat with Kelly Osbourne and Sophie Monk in the podcast below!