Kerri-Anne Kennerley was recently in the press after being made redundant from Studio 10 roughly 2 months ago.

We all wondered what was next for her considering she’s been on our screens for YEARS but now Kennerley is trying something a little bit different.

The 67 year old has joined the cast of Pippin, a stage musical that will start at the Lyric Theatre next month. reported on how Kennerley has been cast as the character ‘Grandma Berthe.’

Entertainment reporter, Peter Ford stated “The role of Kerri-Anne will be playing is really just one scene and one big number….but it’s a show stopping number. You basically walk in there, steal the show and go home. It’s a great gig for her.”

Apparently Kerri-Anne Kennerley has been going to the circus regularly to prepare which is a hilarious image!

Pippin follows the story on an acrobatic troupe and Pippin, a young prince who’s searching for meaning, passion and adventure and we can all catch it in person from November.


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