When the TODAY show went on a culling spree of their hosts and journalists and got rid of people like co-host Karl Stefanovic, rumours started spreading immediately about who could be the replacements.

While Georgie Gardner and Deb Clay were eventually announced as co-hosts of the new look breakfast program, it was rumoured for a long time that former TODAY employee and radio host Ben Fordham was being considered for the role.

Ben appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning and so we decided to find out if he had actually been contacted for the position and if so, why did he turn it down?

Ben told us that he did in fact turn down the role of co-host for the TODAY show but not in the way that you might think. He turned it down before they even offered it to him!

“With the TODAY Show, were you actually offered to do that?” asked Jackie.


Ben revealed that he wasn’t but it could be because he went to the Channel Nine executives and declined the role before they could even come to him.

“No, not at all,” Ben admitted.

“Would you have done that?” Jackie continued.

“No. I kept on reading last year, and you now what it’s like, something starts and then all of a sudden it just gets repeated over and over again, and I kept reading that I was going to be replacing Karl on the TODAY Show,” Ben explained.

Ben told us that he wasn’t interested in the role because he needed to be at home in the morning to take care of his kids.

“And then Jodie my wife was reading it and she gets up first thing in the morning to read news on Channel Seven, and it’s like okay, who’s going to be at home looking after our children,” he continued.


“I said to Jodie straight away, this is probably BS because half the stuff you read is, but just incase it’s not, I’ll make clear to them that I’m not in the picture to be doing anything like that, just incase it comes up.”

So Ben went to the executives and told them that, if he was being considered, to take him out of the running.

“So I just went to them and said, ‘Look, just for the record, I know you haven’t asked me, I know you probably won’t be asking me, but if this stuff has got any truth associated with it, I’m just not up to doing that’.

“And they went, ‘Okay, no worries’. But they never came and asked me. They were probably never going to ask me.”


Who knows, maybe Ben was actually supposed to be the new host but he told them no before they even had the chance to ask! And just maybe, the breakfast program wouldn’t be doing so badly in the ratings today… Ahh hindsight is an interesting thing to think about isn’t it.

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