Cameron Robbie is known in Australia as being the brother to the beautiful Aussie superstar Margot Robbie. But rumours have been circling recently that she’s not the only blonde bombshell in his life anymore…

Remember Cass McGill from the Aussie reality TV sensation Love Island? The one who was originally paired with Grant Crapp before he recouple with Tayla Damir? (#DodgedABullet…)

Well by the looks of her and Cameron’s Instagram accounts, they’ve been hanging out quite a bit lately! And of course as soon as they began sharing pictures of each other, the rumour mill began to spin about them being romantically involved.

Is Love Island’s Cass McGill Dating Margot Robbie’s Brother Cameron Robbie?

In case you don’t follow either Aussie star on Instagram, they were both sharing pictures of each other to their Instagram stories on Monday after spending the day together at the beach.


Their day together appeared to lead into the night after a day of swimming at Bondi turned to sipping drinks on the rocks as the sun was going down.

The pair were then spotted together the next morning once again at Bondi after they shared snaps of their 6:30AM meet up to watch the sunrise. However, on this occasion they were joined by Cass’s love island co-star Edyn Mackney.

The evidence seemed damning but neither Cass nor Cameron had confirmed whether they were in a relationship. But if you ever want to find out the truth about a couple, just leave it to Kyle and Jackie O to get to the bottom of it!

Kyle and Jackie O began discussing the potential new couple during O News and while the names Cass & Cam appear to roll of the tongue quite nicely, they thought the pairing was rather odd, because Cass herself has actually admitted on our show that she looks EXACTLY like Cam’s sister Margot Robbie!


“When we spoke to her when she got out of Love Island, you may remember she compared herself to Margot Robbie, being a Margot Robbie lookalike,” explained Jackie before playing the grab.

In the audio Cassidy is heard explaining that she wasn’t a paid actress on Love Island by saying, “I’m a Margot Robbie lookalike, but no I was not a paid actress.”

So this was our first hint that Cass and Cameron Robbie aren’t actually a couple. No one wants to date someone that looks like their sister! Ew!

But we needed confirmation. We called Cass up and asked her flat out if the rumours were true. She explained that it’s all gossip and the pair are no more than friends.

“Yeah we’re just friends,” she explained. “It’s so disappointing that people are reading into it. It’s like you can’t be friends with the opposite sex. Cameron and I are just good friends.”

So if not Cameron Robbie, then is Cass possibly dating someone else? Apparently not! She continued to tell us that she’s remained single since leaving the Love Island villa.


“I’m happily single and loving it,” continued Cass. “I don’t need no man.”

Hold up! Is it just fate that Cass is still single while Love Island season two is taking applications?!

Maybe we’ll get an OG cast member as one of the intruders on the next season! Now that would be good TV!

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