Kyle’s not really one to get over a grudge easily. Once you’re on his bad side, we’d tell you to probably expect to be there for life.

And so as a bit of a trick on Kyle, we decided to set up a segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show that would FORCE him to bury the hatchet with some of his biggest enemies for a good cause!

This week we introduced the Kyle and Jackie O Celebrity Bounty Hunter, which would see Kyle put a bounty on some of his arch nemesis.

If they called through within 24 hours they would be rewarded with an amount of money set by Kyle for their charity of choice.

We’ll admit, it didn’t start out too successful. Our first bounty was put on the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, for $30,000 as he’s refused to speak with us on the show on numerous occasions.

Unfortunately, ScoMo didn’t make an appearance. But instead of focusing on this fail, we moved on to our next bounty. Ernie Dingo!

Now Kyle and Ernie’s feud goes way back to the early days of Kyle and Jackie O and if you’ve heard our Throwback Thursday segment recently you’ll know exactly what went down.


During an interview, things turned south real quick between Kyle and Ernie after Ernie insinuated that Kyle didn’t care about animals.

And well, Kyle basically lost his sh*t at this because anyone who knows Kyle knows that he’s always had a soft spot for furry creatures and practically owns a zoo of animals himself.

The conversation ended with Kyle basically hanging up on Ernie and they haven’t spoken since!

But today, that all changed. We were about to call time on Ernie’s deadline for the Celebrity Bounty Hunt when all of a sudden Jackie received a text message saying that Ernie was trying to get through to us.

And low and behold, Ernie managed to get through!


Not only did this mean that Ernie received $10,000 for his charity, but he also managed to mend his relationship with Kyle!

Hear it all go down in the video above!

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