Our good friend Conrad Sewell might be on the straight and narrow at the moment, and we really couldn’t be happier for his success in maintaining his sobriety, but this wasn’t always the case.

And while Conrad eventually realised that the party lifestyle wasn’t healthy for him, he does have some pretty insane stories to tell from the period in his life when he was a bit crazy.

Conrad Sewell’s INSANE All night bender with conor mcgregor 

Like the time that he spent a night hanging out with controversial MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Conrad explained how he became friends with the Irish UFC champ and it truly was a crazy story.


“Me and Conor went on a little bender at the beginning of the year,” he explained to Kyle and Jackie. “We were in Dublin, Ireland and he came to a show, and that was before I got on the straight and narrow, and he actually got me off the straight and narrow. I was like a month sober or something like that.”

“He’s fun right?” asked Kyle.


“Mate he’s an absolute legend,” continued Conrad. “Sh*t got out of control.”

Well he was right about that! The ‘Healing Hands’ singer went on to explain how he almost missed his next concert because he was still hanging out with McGregor.

“I had a show the next night and no one could find me. We had to fly to London…And I was still at his apartment f*cked up.

“It was dark times with McGregor but it was fun,” he added.

But like we said, luckily Conrad is working really hard to remain clean these days as he releases new music. And boy are we thankful because not only is he an awesome dude but the music he keeps dropping is incredible!

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