Daniel Webb and Jessika Power appear to be very much in love and actually seem like they might be one of the first couples to come out of Married At First Sight Australia and actually last on the outside.

But not too many people are happy about it because of the way that they got together.


In case you need a refresher, Jess and Dan were both paired with different people in the experiment, Mick and Tamara.

After Dan entered the experiment as an intruder, Jess found an instant attraction to them and after a couple of conversations at the dinner parties they began sneaking around behind their partner’s backs with a secret affair.

Dan and Jess also forced their partners Mick and Tamara to stay in the experiment under false pretences so that they could keep exploring their relationship with each other before finally exposing it to everyone during the commitment ceremony last night.

Now we’re the first to admit that we’ve found ourselves yelling at our TV screens as we watched this new relationship unfold right under the experts and other couple’s noses, but some mega MAFS fans have taken their anger way too far.


While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O about their new relationship this morning, Dan and Jess revealed that they’ve actually received death threats since their affair started.

“What’s the public reaction been to you guys hooking up?” asked Jackie.

“A lot of the public get into the show and really get invested in it,” Dan said.

Dan then detailed the terrifying messages that he and Jess have both received.

“Like Jess and myself, death threats,” he revealed. “You know, ‘I’m going to throw knives at you if I see you in the street’, you know like, ‘Hang yourself’, there’s some shocking ones in there.”

Jess also revealed that one crazed fan actually got her face tattooed on themselves!


“I had someone tattoo my face on them,” Jess explained. “They’re obsessed.”

“It was a man,” she continued. “And it’s a big picture of me in a nuns outfit with my big fake lips that said ‘sinner’ underneath it.”

It’s CRAZY how seriously some fans take this show! But the thing is, even though Jess and Dan went about things the wrong way, they really are in love! And how can you hate them for that?

Hear their full interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video below!


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