If you think the drama is over now that the love square (i.e Elizabeth, Sam, Ines and Bronson) have left the experiment, we get the feeling that you’re very, VERY wrong!

Cyrell Paule is no doubt the biggest hot-head on the show and so with her sticking around with her onscreen husband Nic, we have no doubt that something explosive is headed out way.

Especially with some of the rumours that are circling about them at the moment…

Just over a week ago it was reported that Cyrell had accused Nic of being part of a sex tape scandal.


At the time the 29-year-old told Woman’s Day’s MAFS Confessional podcast that someone had sent her explicit footage of Nic engaging in a sex act after the video had been leaked online.

“I’m getting DM’d [direct messaged] right now a sex video of his,” Cyrell said.


The MAFS star clarified that the footage was not something that occurred on the show but “came from someone in Perth”.

One of Cyrell’s BFF’s on the show, Elizabeth, spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning when they asked her if she had heard about the alleged sex tape and whether it really did exist or not.

Elizabeth told us that not only has she heard about it, but she’s seen it!

“Have you heard through the cast…that Nic, you know him, Nic,” Kyle began.

“Oh I know Nic,” said Elizabeth, as though she knew exactly what we were going to ask.

“There’s a sex tape floating around,” Kyle finished. “Apparently Woman’s Day’s got it.”


“Have you heard about that?” asked Jackie.

“Yep,” Elizabeth replied plainly.

“Have you seen it?” Kyle added.

“Yep,” she said again.

The guys then pushed Elizabeth to see if she actually had a copy of the video, but she wouldn’t comment (Making us think she absolutely does)…

Elizabeth wouldn’t give away much more than that. But let’s just say that from the vibe she was giving off with her body language, Nic might not be the nice, sweet guy that we’ve been seeing on screen.


Hmm who knows what’s yet to come on this season, but something tells us something is going to go down between Nic and Cyrell. And Nic better take cover when it does because we have no doubt Cyrell will BLAST him for it! (God we love her…)


Hear Elizabeth’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video below!

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