We tell people to expect the unexpected with Kyle and Jackie O and the two women behind the new look Today Show, Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight certainly learnt that this morning.

There’s no doubt that people would assume that there’s just a little bit of awkwardness between the pair and ex-host of the show Karl Stefanovic following his shocking but also kinda not-so-shocking departure from the breakfast program.

But leave it up to our shock-jock Kyle to make things EVEN MORE awkward!

Right before wrapping up our chat with Georgie and Deb this morning, Kyle, who everyone knows is pretty good friends with Karl, decided to call him up and put everyone on the line together.

“Before you go I’m just going to quickly ring Karl on my phone so we can all say hi,” he said. “It doesn’t hurt. He’s on holidays in Queensland somewhere.”


Georgie and Deb certainly exchanged a look of shock, and fair enough because Kyle definitely went off script with this one, but they were actually on board with the idea!

“Good, interrupt his holiday,” Georgie said.

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“He’d better answer with ‘I wake up with Today’,” she added as a joke, referencing the popular competition played on the breakfast show each morning.

Unfortunately old mate Karl knows all too well by now to screen Kyle Sandilands’ phone calls between the hours of 6am and 10am when we’re on air and so he didn’t actually answer.


But we did get to leave him a nice little message on his voicemail! You can hear it all take place in the video above!

Regardless, we don’t think it would’ve been a bad phone call if Karl had answered, as the girls went on to say that they’re actually on great terms with the ex-host of the Today Show and only had kind words to say about him.

“He’s a great mate of mine,” said Deb. “We were in LA when I was a reporter for Channel Ten and he was a correspondent for Channel Nine so we go way back and you know, he wished me all the best and I did to him as well.”

“He’s in a good place,” added Georgie. “He sent me a lovely message on day one last week and he is in a great place and I think the next chapter for him is going to be super exciting.”

Check out the rest of our interview with Georgie and Deb in the video above!

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