Earlier this week we saw a stranger plucked off the street at random and handed a pretty heavy task – to decide whether to keep $5000 or give it to a stranger in need.

Give or Take is one of Kyle and Jackie O’s toughest social experiments and today Charlotte was at the centre of it all as it was up to her to decide what to do with the cash.

Earlier this week we told Charlotte about listener Bec.

Bec has lost the use of her legs following a series of horrific seizures. While she has to use a wheelchair to get around, she is able to maintain some independence by using a special device that lets her drive a car with just her hands.

However, he car was recently broken into and the device was stolen. Bec explain that she needed to money to help buy a new one so that she can still get around and continue to live her life with some normalcy.

After hearing what Bec had to say, we then sent Charlotte back home with the tough decision in her hands of whether to give the money to Bec or keep it for herself.

Today, we heard Charlotte’s decision.


And the moment truly was so heartbreaking for everyone involved. You could visibly see that Charlotte was feeling pained about having to make such a difficult decision. Especially as she explained to us that the money would really make such a difference in her life too.

“Last year I did go to university and decided it wasn’t for me so I have got a pretty heavy student debt and my car at the moment is leaking, like it’s on it’s last legs,” Charlotte explained. “If I got this money it would also mean the world to me.”

That’s the way that it goes. Everyone always has their own stuff going on in their lives and that’s what makes this decision that much more difficult. And Bec was very understanding of this.

Before Charlotte announced her decision, she told her that there would be no hard feelings no matter what she wanted to do.

“I just want you to know that regardless of your choice I’ll respect it,” Bec said.

“Okay Charlotte it’s time to let Bec know your decision,” Jackie said.


“This has just been so hard,” started Charlotte, trying to hold back tears. “I’ve got the biggest heart and I never want to disappoint anyone but if there’s anything I’ve learnt it’s to put yourself first and you have to be a bit selfish.

“Today I’ve decided to take the $5000.

“Because as an 18-year-old and having so much debt this would really set me up and make the start of my adulthood a good one. I’m sorry Bec.”

You could feel Charlotte’s heartbreak as she delivered the news and there truly wasn’t a dry eye left in the studio. But Kyle and Jackie couldn’t let it end this way. They didn’t want to let Bec leave here completely empty handed.

“I don’t know if Jackie you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking, but I feel that it’s the right thing to do for us to help you get that system put in your car because it was a no win for either of you,” Kyle said.

“We don’t want you to leave here feeling like this Bec and obviously it would make a huge difference to you so we will give you that $5000,” added Jackie.


“Thank you,” replied Bec through her tears.

It was a heartbreaking journey to get there, but it truly was a good result in the end!

Watch Bec and Charlotte’s give or take in the video above!

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