It’s staggering how common bullying is these days, especially in age of social media.

And so if we asked you if there has ever been a time in your life when you’ve felt as though you’re being bullied, it’s likely that your answer would probably be yes.

But what would your answer be if you were ever given the opportunity to confront your bully for the torment that they had caused you? And what would you say to them?

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O gave listener Leon the chance to do just that as we called up his high school bully live on air.

It was heartbreaking to hear Leon’s story of torment from his time in high school. He told us about one incident in particular that has stuck with him 10-years on, when he was physically pushed down a hill at school as his bullies laughed. 

Leon was so affected by the incident that he took the entire next week off school.

But today, Leon had the courage to finally confront his bully for what he had done, speaking to the perpetrator for the first time since high school LIVE on the Kyle and Jackie O show.


What happened next was truly astounding.

Listen in as Leon confronts his high school bully in the video above!

Do you want to confront your bully? You can sign up here!