Reality TV lovers might know Jackie Gillies as one of the women on The Real Housewives Of Melbourne of a contestant from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

But what you might not know is that she’s also a psychic medium!

And today as she joined the Kyle and Jackie O show to chat about her new book ‘Shine It up’, Jackie had a pretty dire prediction come through about our own Jackie O!

And if this prediction is to come true, it could just spell the end for the Kyle and Jackie O show!!

The reading came through quite suddenly and the powers of the universe basically took over Jackie Gilles as she stood up from her chair out of the blue!


Jackie said that she could feel a lot of energy and it was all to do with Jackie O’s love life. According to Gilles, Jackie is going to fall madly in love with a man but she said that she shouldn’t trust him.

“There’s a man that’s really into you but you’ve got to be careful of an affair,” Jackie Gilles said. “There’s a guy that’s married that’s going to try and shine up with you. I’m giving you the heads up.”

“Will I not know he’s married?” Jackie O asked.

“No,” Gilles replied. “But your intuition will tell you in about the fourth date.

“You’ll end up shunning off but I just feel like you need to be aware of that. I can see what he does too. He owns his own real estate company.”

“But I feel like you’re going to fall for him. This is the problem,” Gillies’ prediction continued. “You’re going to learn something from this.”


This isn’t the only guy that Jackie Gillies sees in Jackie O’s life though. After this disaster, Gilles said she can see another relationship.

But while it’s good news for Jackie O’s love life, it could just mean the end for the Kyle and Jackie O show! Why? Because Gillies said that she feels like Jackie O will move continents for love!

“When I say there’s good things coming for you, I actually do see you getting married again,” Gillies continued. “I feel like you will marry again and I also feel like this guy has got something to do with America.

“Sounds like a piece of sh*t,” interrupted Kyle.

“Why because she’s going to leave you and go to the States?” Jackie Gillies laughed.

But this part of the prediction actually really resonated with our Jackie O!


“I had a psychic tell me I was going to marry three times and the third one was going to be an American and you’d live in America,” Jackie O said.

“Yep I see America for you,” Gilles added. “There’s no such thing as coincidences darling it’s happening. And you’re moving too. I just got a vibe of you moving.”

“Well, looks like I’m going to be looking for someone else to work with,” Kyle said.

We really want you to find love Jackie O but PLEASE don’t leave us! Knowing Kyle though he’d never actually let that happen and he’d make Jackie do the show from America anyway!

Hear the prediction in the video above!

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