Like many of us, former Studio 10 host Jessica Rowe sometimes struggles with tasks around the house. And what we seriously love about her is that she doesn’t try to hide it. In fact, she often shouts it from the rooftops!

Not only does Jess document her housewife faux pas’ on her Instagram account, but she’s just released a book about it called ‘Diary Of A Crap Housewife’.

Basically it’s designed to show other struggling mums out there that nobody’s perfect and it’s not the end of the world if you give your child money to buy their lunch instead of making it, or shrink a jumper in the washing.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O about her new book, Jess opened up about her experiences with cooking, cleaning and even delved into more personal things like how to spice things up in the bedroom when you’re exhausted from a long day.

But one of her more interesting, or most shocking confessions from Jess this morning was a story she told about how she came quite close to poisoning her family while making dinner!


Yep, true story!

“I do talk about it in the book, there was a meal that I cooked, I thought ‘I’m going to do a lamb roast. I’m really going to try here’,” Jess explained.

“So I got one of those prepackaged ones from the supermarket, it was a Jaime Oliver one. I cooked it, but I didn’t realise I hadn’t taken all of the plastic out of it until AFTER everyone had eaten!”

“I’d served it all, carved it up, everyone had eaten and I went, ‘Oh my god there’s plastic in the bottom of this’,” Jess continued.


Thankfully everything was fine and no one was sick or hurt in anyway! But gosh that would’ve given anyone a pretty big scare!

“I rang my sister who is in fact a chef, it’s a shame I didn’t get the same genes, and I’m like, ‘Is it going to be okay?’… She said, ‘Don’t worry it’s fine. Ignore it’.”

Well at least everything turned out okay and Jess can laugh about it now! But we’d still suggest that everyone double check their meat from now on before cooking it!

“The point is, I want to just be honest, I’m not perfect. I’m imperfect. I’m vulnerable. I’m flawed. I’m messy. I’m chaotic. But I’m honest,” Jess concluded.

Hear our full chat with Jessica Rowe about ‘Diary Of A Crap Housewife’ in the video above!