Louis Tomlinson has dealt with an incredible amount of heartbreaking loss recently in his life and family in particular.

Having recently lost his mother after a devastating battle with leukaemia in 2016, hearts broke around the world for the singer as it was revealed that his sister Félicité had passed away at the age of 18 in March.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O, Louis opened up about the grief in his life and how he deals with it through his music.

Louis spoke specifically in reference to his latest song ‘Two Of Us’ which was written about his mother Johannah Deakin.

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#TwoOfUs // 7th March.

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“You’ve experienced a lot of loss recently in your life, and it’s always pretty tough losing a family member close to you,” Kyle said.


“How are you coping with it all?”

“Obviously it’s not been easy, but I felt like it was time to write this song. I mean a lot of people I think bottle up these emotions and I think I’m probably one of those people as well,” Louis began.

“And I think it was important to kind of put this in a song in the hope that not only I feel better from saying those words but hopefully people all relate to it in their own way and come to their own conclusions and maybe they’ll feel a bit better.”

Sending all our love to Louis during this time.

You can hear our full chat with Louis about the single, his upcoming album and of course a possible reunion from One Direction in the video above.