Cyrell and Nic are one of the most talked about couples from this season of Married At First Sight.

While it seemed like they left the experiment on good terms during last night’s commitment ceremony, things appear to have gotten nasty between the pair after filming.

A great deal of this is likely due to Cyrell having now watched the episodes back and finding out things she previously didn’t know about Nic (such as the fact that Jess propositioned him…), and of course the now infamous sex tape.

In case you somehow didn’t know, since finding fame on MAFS Nic has had a sex tape from his past leaked out into the world.

While Cyrell and her overprotective brother Ivan have already previously expressed how they feel about Nic’s sex tape (and if you didn’t guess already, they’re not happy about it), Cyrell today made some bold new claims surrounding the tape.

While speaking during a tell-all interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Cyrell claimed that while Nic is playing the victim, she believes that he actually leaked it himself.


And she told us that she had proof!

It all came about when Jackie asked about the fact that Nic’s sex tape had been allegedly sent to Cyrell.

“So this sex tape that Nic has, it got sent to you right?” Jackie asked.

Cyrell laughed, clearly about to dish all the goss. She said that this was true and this is why she believes Nic leaked the tape himself.

“Do you guys remember our last conversation and then how he was just like, ‘Oh the poor girl, the poor girl’. Well idiot! If you had never leaked it out to your mates then how would this sex tape get out?” claimed Cyrell.

Here she was referencing to the last time we had her, her brother Ivan and Nic on the phone for a chat. During the conversation Nic said that he felt terribly for the woman involved in the tape.


Cyrell basically called this out, saying he couldn’t feel that sorry for her as she believes that he is the one he leaked it to his friends in the first place.

“Do you know what, I know for a fact it was him that’s leaked it because he kept on sitting there begging me, ‘Cyrell, I know you know which friend it’s from. I just want to know so I can cut them from my life’,” Cyrell told us.

“And I turned around and I said, ‘You know what Nic, the fact that you can’t figure out which friend it was, let’s me know, how many did you send it to?’

“And then now you wanna go on radio and say, ‘Oh I feel so sorry for this girl’. When you leaked it out you weren’t feeling sorry for this girl,” she continued.

So why would someone leak their own x-rated tape? Well Cyrell seems to think that her onscreen hubby, or ex-hubby now, only went on the show for Instagram fame!


Hear all of the other tea that Cyrell spilled on Nic in the video below!

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