Martha Kalifatidis is one of the more outspoken contestants this season on Married At First Sight.

You might know her as the one who married the Greek God looking man that is Michael Brunelli or you may know her for being one third of the plastics (along with Ines and Jessika).

But after last night’s explosive first half of the reunion episodes we think Martha will now forever be known as the woman who poured a glass of red wine over Cyclone Cyrell’s head.

Yep, just normal MAFS stuff there…

In the aftermath of the intense episode, Martha joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning to chat about exactly what was going through her mind during #RedWineGate.


Martha also spoke about her current relationship with Michael, what we can expect from part 2 of the reunion tonight and even detailed the fact that she’s terrified to leave her house after receiving horrible death threats.

Hear our full chat with Martha in the video above!

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