Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was a bit of a whirlwind.

One minute we’re basically recapping the night before with the family dinners, and let’s be real it was kind of a yawn, and then the next we’ve got the affair between Jess and Dan VERY close to being exposed and we’re glued to our TV screens once again.

Which leads us to question, is it true that the MAFS producers have been going through and re-editing the episodes to tone down the drama from this explosive season?

It’s no secret that filming for this season occurred a number of months ago and therefore the episodes should have well and truly been finished by the stage that they’re airing on TV.

But according to The Daily Telegraph, the Channel Nine bosses have been less than impressed with all of the cheating and fighting on this season that they have allegedly told Producer’s to tone down all future episodes.


The publication reported that Nine CEO Hugh Marks even called an urgent meeting for the producers to review upcoming episodes.

Kyle brought up this rumour with our MAFS receptor James Weir this morning, when James told us that he thought this was definitely happening. And here’s why:

Speaking about last night’s episode, James told us, “We couldn’t really tell if it was a good episode or just kind of okay by comparison because things have been really slowing down.”

“There’s rumours that channel nine are purposely re-editing the show to make it not as raunchy,” Kyle said. “I think that’s a massive mistake.”

“I know, well this is the thing, some seasons they do this,” James said.


He then told us that he could tell this was happening on this season because he was getting access to episodes later and later each day.

“Right now we’re getting the episodes down to the wire, because usually the media get them a day in advance to prep everything, your producers do this as well to lock in interviews, but lately it’s down to the wire, just a few hours before they go to air,” James continued.

“That means they’re re-editing,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, yeah, re-editing down to the wire,” concluded James. “And this is the thing, because then you watch the episode and you think, what did they take out?”

What indeed? We’re definitely going to be thinking about what could be missing now when we watch every single episode…

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