For all of us playing at home, Jessika Power’s flirtatious behaviour towards other married men on this season of Married At First Sight has been quite obvious.

But apparently it wasn’t so easily detected to the other contestants on the show, including Jess’ onscreen husband Mick.

During a number of dinner parties now, Jess has not only told Cyrell’s husband Nic that she had feelings for him but she also blatantly flirted with intruder Dan in front of everyone, having even undone the bust of her dress in front of him.

Things then escalated between Jess and Dan when they met up privately during the last dinner party and suck a sneaky smooch.

Despite this behaviour, Mick said that he was none-the-wiser and had no clue that Jess had been doing any of this behind his back until he saw it play out on TV.


“So when all this is going on, dinner party and Jess and Dan disappear for half an hour and then she chose to stay at the commitment ceremony…aren’t you suss to what’s going on?” Jackie asked Mick on the air this morning.

“No, well this is the thing, at the dinner parties everyone ducks out at certain time because you’ve gotta go to the dunny and then bloody everyone does their one on one interviews with the camera,” Mick explained.

“Like as you can see with Ines, she was just sitting there saying nothing, then all of a sudden one on one to the camera she’s the toughest chick with two legs.”

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“When you watch it now back, did you see things on TV that you didn’t notice during those dinner parties?” Kyle asked about Jess’ seductive behaviour.

Mick continued to tell us that he didn’t notice any of Jess’ behaviour at the time of filming.


“Oh I didn’t have a clue,” Mick exclaimed. “I saw at one stage you saw Jules go, ‘Oh, have a look at your wife. She was overly flirty with Dan’, but I didn’t see her undoing her top or nothing.”

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Poor Mick must’ve gotten a right shock then when he watched back the most recent episodes!

Hear Mick and Jess’ full interview with Kyle and Jackie O here!