We’ve seen a lot of arguments break out between Married At First Sight couple Nic and Cyrell so far this season, but last night was by FAR the worst one yet.


Nic and Cyrell were caught up in the latest rumour on the reality show that claimed Nic had been touching fellow contestant Jessika’s legs under the table at a dinner party.

It resulted in Cyrell packing her bags and storming out of their shared apartment to spend her first night away from Nic since the pair got married.

Something about the intensity of this fight made us think that this could be the end of the fiery couple. And it turns out we might just be right.

Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Martha on the show this morning, after she had beenon the receiving end of Cyrell’s wrath after gossiping about the rumour, when she gave us un update on the pair.

Martha told us that Nic and Cyrell are definitely not together still and that she didn’t think they ever were a real couple.


“He’s not with Cyrell now?” asked Kyle.

“No they’re finished, they’re done,” Martha said.

“They were never a thing,” she added. “Look I don’t know what they did in their bedroom but like I just feel like it was a doomed relationship from the beginning.”

This came after Martha told us that she didn’t think Nic wasn’t really the nice guy that we all thought he was.


Kyle then asked Martha whether she knew anything about the alleged sex tape that is going around involving Nic.


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Martha told us that she hadn’t seen it herself but the fact that it’s apparently out there didn’t shock her at all.

“No I haven’t seen it,” she said. “It doesn’t surprise me. I feel like Nic had ulterior motives that come into this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold the videos himself.”

As for Martha’s feelings towards Cyrell following their tiff, Martha claimed that she doesn’t hate her, nor does she think she’s a horrible person.

“Cyrell is not a mean girl, she’s misunderstood,” Martha said. “I don’t hate Cyrell. Me and her just have a bit of a love hate thing.”

Something tells us something much, much bigger is coming for Cyrell and Nic!


Married at first sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on channel nine.

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