Being the person responsible for responding to people’s panicked 000 calls has to be one of the toughest jobs imaginable.

Having to attempt to deal with a person’s trauma, keep the family members calm and maintain their own cool in stressful situations is just some of the things that ambulance paramedics, dispatchers and emergency call-takes go through in Australia.

Channel Ten have just launched a new show, Ambulance Australia, as a way of helping us understand just what our ambos go through on a daily basis by following the people in the business of saving lives and going behind the scenes to show us the heart and souls of these heroes.

Jackie and Beau Ryan, who was filling in for Kyle this morning, spoke with two of the paramedics involved in the show, Matt and Dan, and they told us that certain situations can take a toll on them emotionally.

However they said that you just have to try and shut off your emotions in order to deal with the issue at hand because at the end of the day you’re there to save lives.


“People use the analogy of a bucket and each job kind of adds up a little bit in your bucket and sometimes people’s buckets get full,” explained Matt.

“But personally I suppose I, when I’m on a job that could be stressful or traumatic, you fall back on your skills and your training and you just crack on and get the job done.

“You almost emotionally detach yourself from the situation and are just really task focused.”

But while a majority of the time a day in the life of an ambo is incredibly stressful and high pressured, Matt and Dan explained that they have come across some situations that are so strange that you really can’t help but laugh.


Two Ambulance paramedics tell the kyle and jackie o show the weirdest things people have had stuck up…there!

And this is when the conversation turned REALLY weird! Matt and Dan explained some of the horrors they’ve come across in the line of work, such as the things people have gotten stuck up their…um…well their bums!!

Jackie was asking Matt and Dan about a story she’d heard, where a patient had called 000 because they had somehow gotten a tennis ball stuck up there, to see whether it was true or not.

“I did hear a story, I don’t know if this involved you guys, but I heard that in one of the instances a guy had a tennis ball up his bum and when the guys got there he said, ‘Oh yeah, just watching the tennis, rolled over on a tennis ball’,” said Jackie.

They told us that it was in fact a true story and it’s actually way more common than you might think to have patients with weird things stuck up their backside.


“Really common, it happens all the time,” said Dan.

“People always find a way to put things in their body that probably shouldn’t be in there or put parts of their body in places they shouldn’t be,” added Matt.

But in this particular case involving the tennis ball, Jackie had only gotten some of the information right apart from one thing…There wasn’t just one tennis ball involved.

“It was actually two tennis balls,” explained Dan. “I’m not joking.”

All we’re wondering right now is HOW?! And well, the paramedics couldn’t really clear the air for us on this question. They said that most of the time people never actually say how objects REALLY ended up…there.

“Do you love the excuses they come up with?” asked Jackie.


“Love it. It’s the best thing,” replied Dan. “Some of them are like, ‘Oh I wok up in the morning and I had a golf ball up my bottom’.”

Wow…As disgusting as this all is, it’s also kind of impressive that these people can actually fit these rather large objects in such, uh,  tight spaces… But seriously if we were Matt or Dan we don’t think we could keep a straight face if we had to respond to any cases like this!

For more real life paramedic stories you can watch Ambulance Australia aires tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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