Kyle and Jackie O’s celebrity bounty hunter has seen some moments of success and some of failure this week.

The segment sees Kyle put a bounty out on a celebrity that he has a feud with and offer to pay money to a charity of their choice if they call up the show to end their fight.

The first bounty was on Australia’s Prime Minister ScoMo, who unfortunately didn’t call through.

Then yesterday we had our first ‘Kiss and makeup’ when Ernie Dingo called up the show and agreed to put his and Kyle’s past behind them.

But today was the big one. Today, our bounty was out on one of Kyle’s biggest and most well known enemy – Rove McManus.

Kyle made the announcement yesterday that he was willing to pay $10,000 to a charity of Rove’s choice if he could suck up his pride and call up our show within 24 hours to put the rivalry to bed.

When the 24 hours was up, we were feeling pretty nervous as we waited to find out if Rove had made any sort of contact.


“Alright producers, give us the answer. Did Rove McManus call through or not?” asked Jackie.

“Yes, he’s on the phone waiting,” revealed producer Jaimee.

“Bullsh*t!” Kyle exclaimed. “You’re lying.”

But low and behold it was him!

“Morning Kyle, moving Jackie,” said Rove through the phone.

It’s been YEARS since we heard his voice on this show and we think we were all as shocked as each other that this was really happening.


“Has hell frozen over? What is happening,” Rove exclaimed.

Kyle and Rove then discussed their feud and tried to get to the bottom of how it actually started before deciding that it was in both of their best interest to put their infamous feud behind them.

Yep this is one for the history books everyone! The Kyle and Rove feud is OVER!

In fact, they took it that one step further and even agreed to be friends! Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship guys? 

Watch the end of Kyle and Rove’s feud in the video above!

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