Earlier this morning we reported that two ex Bachelor flames, Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins and Brittany Hockley, had met face to face for the first time since he brutally bumped her in the shocking season finale.

The pair had been attending The Iconic Swim Show last Thursday when they ended up locked in a discussion.

Photos obtained from the moment, as well as comments from onlookers, made it appear as though there was still a lot of tension and animosity held between the pair as they made out that Brit and Nick had been having a ‘heated argument’.

However, Brittany has since called into the Kyle and Jackie O show to set the record straight and tell us what was really going on in these photos.

Brittany explained that running into the Honey Badger at the event was a bit of a shock because she was under the impression that he was overseas at the time.


“He was actually supposed to be in Bali so it was pretty unexpected,” she explained. “Somebody actually told me…Nick’s in Bali and won’t be here.

“Then pow, there he was.”

Despite her initial shock, Brittany said that she was actually happy to see and speak to Nick and despite how the photos might look, there is no sort of tension left between them.

“I’ve just seen the photos actually and they do look very heated,” continued Brittany. “But to be honest, I think we were probably discussing whether we should have tacos or burritos for lunch. I don’t think it was very serious at all.”


So while they say, a picture can paint a thousand words, these words are of course always subject to opinion and can be taken out of context.

Brittany continued to say that while her and Nick were talking in these photos they were actually just acting like old mates and catching up on life.

“We actually had a really, really good catch up. Just what we’ve been doing, how we’ve been, the usual chit chat.”

“It was very civil. It was actually quite nice to see him,” she continued.


But just because they’re happy to be friends, Brittany was quick to reject the idea that her and Nick could ever possibly be more than that again.

“No I’m so far past that. There is absolutely nothing there except, you know there’s still respect and a friendship.”

So if not the Honey Badger, then who? Has Brittany found herself love outside the realm of reality TV? Brittany told us that she’s still very single and hasn’t been on a single date since leaving the show.

But we wonder, is that because she’s signed on for some other reality dating show? Such as to be The Bachelorette perhaps?

Hmm we can only dream! We’ll just have to wait and see whether Brit does head back for a second shot at love on the franchise.

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