Last night on Bachelor In Paradise we finally found out what Brooke Blurton’s bombshell was about the last Bachelor Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins. And let’s just say, it didn’t improve Australia’s opinion of him in the slightest.

Brooke claimed that Nick had told her that he wasn’t going to choose anyone during the finale while on their final date together and that she chose to leave after finding out this information.

But while it seemed that Brooke was the only one in the know about Nick’s intentions, she didn’t actually seem to know too many other details surrounding the situation.

Brooke joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about the revelation further when Kyle asked her why the Honey Badger chose to tell her out of all of the girls.

“It is tough, I don’t know,” Brooke said. “I don’t know, can you ask him?”


“Do you think you guys maybe had the best connection out of all of the girls and he felt that he owed that to you?” Jackie asked.

“I can’t just assume but yeah, I don’t know,” Brooke continued.

The circumstances surrounding how the Honey Badger chose to reveal such delicate information were pretty strange too according to Brooke.

She told us that Nick told her while they were riding around on a motorbike so that the producers and cameramen wouldn’t hear.


“It wasn’t really in front of anyone. Because we were on a motorbike, so basically we were still driving and he stopped the go pro cameras and held our mics,” Brooke explained.

“It was still really loud and from what I could make of what he was saying, because it was still fairly loud so I couldn’t really hear… In that moment I was like wow, I don’t know, I felt really crap.”

Brooke also revealed that The Honey Badger had been in contact with her since revealing this information to her and after filming had wrapped.

She said that it wasn’t for any romantic intentions but he also didn’t really give her any further explanation into his actions on the Bachelor.

“It was just about the show wrapping up and you know, how are you and we sort of connected after that,” Brooke told us. “I guess, there was no questions answered.”

“No flirtiness?” Kyle asked.


“Not really, no,” Brooke replied. “No one liners.”

Finally, Brooke explained why she didn’t feel like she could tell the other two girls, Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, about Nick’s decision to choose no one.

“There wasn’t even an opportunity to tell them,” Brooke said. “And like I said on the show, I felt really sh*t about it because I just didn’t know how to or when would be the opportunity.

“And obviously post-show, you move on with your lives and you sort of just get on with it so I didn’t feel the need to bring it up again and tell them.”


This comes after Brittany Hockley came out today saying that she didn’t think Brooke’s bombshell about the Honey Badger was actually true.

Who knows what to believe!

Hear our full chat with Brooke in the video above!