All is right in Bachie world at the moment! We’re patiently awaiting Bachelor In Paradise which kicks off season two next week and now we also officially know who our Bachelor and Bachelorette will be this year!

Looking for his perfect ladies is Astrophysicist Matt Agnew and handing out the roses to the men is Gogglebox star Angie Kent!

But will we have to cancel BOTH reality dating shows before they’ve even begun?!

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat all things love, Angie revealed that she actually has a bit of a crush on Matt!

“The Bachelor’s name is Matt and I’m pretty sure he’s a doctor,” Angie said.

“He’s an Astrophysicist,” Kyle added.

“Yeah, he’s GORGEOUS!” Angie gushed.


“We were looking at pictures earlier and I was like ‘awww’,” she added, hinting that she was disappointed that she couldn’t go after him herself.

Angie continued to compliment the new Bachie, who we’ll admit is pretty dreamy.

“He’s adorable! I love glasses. Yeah, I love dorks.”

But if you’re starting to panic that maybe Angie and Matt will fall madly in love while they’re off doing promotional stuff together and that Channel Ten will have to cancel both of their seasons, let us quickly put your mind at ease.

Angie said that she could never end up with Matt because he’s already begun his journey.


“Imagine if you ended up with him,” said Brooklyn.

“Oh no I can’t,” Angie said, sounding a little disappointed. “He’s already on his mish [mission].”

But hey, if you’re listening Bachelorette producers, if you want to find Angie’s perfect fells just go out and find someone that looks exactly like Matt!

Hear Angie’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O below!