Oh please let it be true, I want Stormi to have a little sibling to play with.

Being an only child in that big old mansion must get lonely.

Page Six has reported that the 24-year-old billionaire is pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott!

But you can’t keep things secret from the internet, with sleuths on TikTok suspecting her pregnancy for months now.

Jenner celebrated her 24th earlier this month alongside the launch of her ’24K Collection’, which is a huge deal right?

Yet she didn’t upload a single photo of her celebrations which is veeeery suspicious.

While many of us might squint at the idea of having another child with an ‘on again, off again’ boyfriend, the world works differently when you’re a billionaire.


The pair have proven that despite their relationship status they able to successfully co-parent little Stormi who’s probably never wanted for anything in this entire world, including love and affection.

So regardless of what happens with Kylie and Travis, I wonder if Stormi wants a little brother or sister?


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