With the finale coming up tonight, the internet is in a FRENZY trying to figure out which girl is the winner.

Will it be Irena? Will it be Bella?

Well an old Instagram post by Laura Byrne resurfaced recently in which Bella Varelis wishes her daughter a Happy Birthday to which Laura replied ‘Thinking of you honey.’

Naturally the internet has taken this and ran with it, thinking Laura was in fact comforting Bella for perhaps… a broken heart?

But Laura has stepped in to shut it all down before it went too far.


“Guys, I wrote ‘thinking of you’ because 1) I found out her grandfather was unwell. 2) pap photos had been all over the Daily Mail of Bella on her single date with Locky so it was already public knowledge she was on the show”

“It’s literally the craziest most stressful experience being on The Bachelor and having your most vulnerable moments shown to the world – so, I was thinking of her!”

Instagram @ladyandacat

So enough of that, I reckon Bella’s a winner!

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