They may have only properly been together for just over a year, but it looks like the honeymoon period for former Bachelor Matty J and girlfriend Laura Byrne is well and truly over.

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While playing the Cost of Love segment with Kyle and Jackie O, which tests just how well the pair knows each other, Laura was asked to dish on what Matty’s three worst habits are and then Matty had to guess them correctly.

Now we have to say, they do know each other exceptionally well! While the questions that need three answers usually get couples stuck, this loved up pair got 100% on this question.

But while they can bask in the fact that they did well in the quiz, the answers turned out to be slightly embarrassing for Matty as the pair admitted that his worst habit BY FAR is the fact that he gets seriously bad gas all the time.

“I like to fart a lot,” admitted Matty. Very gassy…I eat quite well and when I eat more vegetables I fart more!”


And apparently they’re not those types of farts that are loud but don’t really have a smell. According to Laura, they’re the silent but deadly type.

“It’s so bad,” admitted Laura through laughter. And just to make sure she’d gotten the message across of how bad they are she added, “they’re so bad they’ll send you blind!”

To give an example, Laura revealed that one time in the middle of the night Matty had let one rip and it smelled SO BAD that she actually got out of bed because she legitimately thought that their dog had gone to the toilet in the bedroom.

“It was so bad it woke her up in her sleep,” said Matty, kind of proudly!

Luckily the terrible smells doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker though for Laura, with the pair later admitting in the quiz segment that they have spoken about having kids together in the future.


“We have spoken about it a few times,” admitted Matty when asked when Laura thinks the pair will start having babies. And by the looks of their answers, it might be around 3 or 4 years away!

Just imagine how pretty those babies would be! But lets hope they don’t get Matty’s gas problems…