Over the years, Channel Nine’s hit reality show Married At First Sight has seen some major scandals blow up between the contestants.

We’ve seen cheating happening between the couples left right and centre, physical confrontations and even that red wine throwing incident.

But nothing has ever stooped as low as what we can apparently expect to see go down in the upcoming season… In fact, we’d say it’s practically flushed the show’s already tarnished reputation down the toilet!

Leaked footage published by the Daily Telegraph appears to show a male contestant taking his on-screen wife’s toothbrush and using it to clean actual faeces off the side of the toilet bowl.

Yep. We think we just threw up in our mouths a little there…

The video then shows the groom dipping the toothbrush into the toilet for a second time – this time into the water in the bowl – before placing back on the bench.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the couple involved in the poo scandal is Melbourne couple David Cannon and Hayley Vernon. It’s believed that they break up during the filming of the series (can’t imagine why though…)


The publication suggests that the toothbrush vision is shown to the contestants during the always explosive reunion episode. All we can say is we wonder what happens after it’s played…

The MAFS couple was contacted by the Daily Telegraph, although they both declined to comment too much.


“It was going to come out no matter what. It is something that is now regretted,” Cannon reportedly told the publication.

“I can’t really comment,” Vernon told them. “I just prefer not to.”

We just have one question… What on EARTH led up to this atrocious toothbrush betrayal?!

No doubt we’ll find out once Married At First Sight begins airing it’s seventh season on February 3.

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