Can you imagine meeting your favourite Hemsworth brother on your wedding day?

Katie and Shane, from the U.K., were married at the Gold Coast last month and got the surprise of their life when they ran in to none other than Liam Hemsworth!

The Australian actor was having a drink with his friend when we found himself immersed in Kate & Shane’s wedding day festivities!

According to the couple’s wedding photographer, Kirk Willcox, the couple were met with applause and cheers as they entered their reception, when Katie’s sister pointed out the Hunger Games hunk sitting at a table in the corner of the room.

It is reported Chris happily posed for photos with the couple which shocked Katie (in the best way possible, right?)

Photographer Kirk told E! News, “My wedding couple Katie and Shane came all the way from the U.K. to get married on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Little did they know they would run into one of Katie’s idols Liam Hemsworth.”


Hemsworth was gentlemanly and wished Katie and Shane well before he went about enjoying his relaxing evening by the beach.

Is this not a dream come true on your wedding day?



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