Grab the popcorn and just watch this unfold.

Lisa Wilkinson just delivered a totally savage blow to her former Today Show co-host Karl Stefanovic.

The Project star has added her two cents in to a social media discussion involving some of the country’s biggest TV names, and while doing so, delivered the blow on Stefanovic.

The flurry of tweets using the hashtag #LogieTwitterWars was kicked off by Shaun Micallef, Annabel Crab and Peter Helliar.


But it wasn’t long before Rove and Lisa Wilkinson jumped in too.



Well played, Lisa.

If you’re still a little confused, here’s just why we love this so much.

Not actually mentioning Karl’s name, is classy. We know who she’s talking about.

How many drunken slurring moments have there been in the Logies? (Ok maybe don’t answer that one!)

Back in 2009, Karl hosted Today’s post Logies show while clearly still affected by alcohol.

He slurred his words, and went on to talk about how good Wilkinson looked the night before. This event didn’t seem to have a negative impact on his career, as in 2011, he won the Gold Logie – an award which Wilkinson has yet to get her hands on.


We love Lisa’s mic drop Tweet so much, here it is again, for your enjoyment!

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