Mates 4 Mates Psychologist Chris McIntyre and Attempted Suicide Survivor and Mental Health Advocate Dan Price Discuss The Importance Of Men’s Mental Health for Men’s Health Week.

This week is Men’s Health Week – an important opportunity to talk about men’s mental health. Australia’s Men’s Health Week theme for 2019 is “Keeping Boys And Men Healthy.”

In Australia, it is currently estimated that 1 in 5 men will experience depression and 1 in 8 will experience anxiety – all risk factors for suicide.

Men also currently make up 75 per cent of all suicide deaths.

This morning, Mates 4 Mates psychologist Chris McIntyre told Bianca, Mike and Bob his three steps he is encouraging men to take, to assist them in dealing with their emotions:

1. Improving distress tolerance
2. Understanding what emotional regulation is
3. Practising mindfulness daily

Mental health advocate, attempted suicide survivor and R U OK? Day Ambassador Dan Price also called in to share his experience with almost ending his own life. He tells Bianca, Mike and Bob what made him change his mind and why he is now grateful for life every day.

“I am grateful for life every single day. Although the journey hasn’t been easy, to my recovery, certainly my early recovery, I’ve had so many great things happen in my life since then. The greatest, obviously, is I now have a family. I have an amazing partner and we’ve got a nine-month-old daughter.

I nearly missed out on that opportunity to have a family and many other great things as well. That’s why I share my story – to encourage people that, you know, life does get really, really hard sometimes, but it doesn’t last forever.


You know, I really was in a place where I thought it was going to go on forever, but over time the storm does pass. With the right help and support you can get yourself well and back on track, back working again, and all those things… Life is beautiful and I’m just very, very grateful that I’m still alive.”

For more information please visit Mates4Mates or phone 1300 4 MATES.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 for support.

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