Lord Mayor Graham Quirk heard about Bianca’s new (Mike-appointed) role as the ‘Unofficial Mayor Of Brisbane’ and, uh, he had some questions. 

The Mayor joined us in studio today to talk through what Bee is doing. 

But by the end of the chat he agreed that Brisbane could definitely use more FUN and GIVE BACKS to its constituents. 

So it is officially official that Bianca is the Unofficial Mayor Of Brisbane – did you get all of that!? 

Last week she gave out discount movie tickets at all Dendy Cinemas for a Friday. 

This week? She’s teaming up with Bill Busters and giving away $5,000 to one lucky listener who registers to get their bill paid by us.


What would you do with that extra $5,000? You could definitely pay a few bills with that amount of cash! 

Keep listening in for more freebies, discounts and fun activities around Brisbane as Bianca continues in her role as Unofficial Mayor Of Brisbane! 

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