Recently a viral tweet has resurfaced revealing the very small age gap between co-stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Keira Knightley.

Sangster who played Sam (Liam Neeson’s step son in the film) & Knightley who played newlywed Juliet upon first glance, look years and years apart.

Shockingly enough, the pair are only 5 years apart – in the film, Thomas was 13 and Keira only 18.

After the viral tweet was unearthed, fans were quick to state that the character Sam looked considerably younger than 13 and Knightley’s Juliet appears more mid-twenties than barely 18.

The tweet has earned an impressive 18,000 re-tweets!


One fan wrote, this cannot be true. Knightley has to be older than me because she has been playing an adult longer than I have been one.’

After some digging, the debated age gap is true. Keira was born in 1985 and Thomas in 1990.

Last year, Emma Freud, the films script editor said she wouldn’t cast Keira if the film was produced today. She told ‘I know Richard [Curtis] would cast either Saoirse Ronan or Lily James as the young bride.

‘Lots of them would be the same, Hugh was a surprisingly young Prime Minister, but would be searingly realistic now.

‘And there will never be a better Karen than Emma [Thompson], even when she’s 90.’





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