From Australian Survivor to Bachelor In Paradise, Fiji is the ideal place for filming scenes in a beautiful, serene environment. But, could this soon change?

Love Island may be forced to relocate after the Fiji government allegedly expressed their concern about the “sleazy tone” of the program.

Confidential suggests Queensland may be the next setting for the show.

Season One was filmed by ITV Studios Australia in Spain, which proved to be an expensive feat.

Earlier this year Programming boss Hamish Turner told TV Tonight, “From a casting perspective if you want to make quick decisions about getting new people in you are somewhat restricted by Mallorca. It’s not just Spain, it’s a boat, a flight and more.”


Fiji’s government attracts producers with incentives through Film Fiji, including all airfares for cast and crew.

However, it requires a detailed production budget and script in advance (or, in the case of reality shows, story outlines). This proved to be Love Island’s downfall. 

Love Island will screen on Channel Nine later in the year. 

Applications for Love Island are now open!