Everyone knows that Kyle and Jackie have been hooked to the new reality show, Love Island, hosted by one of our good gal pal’s Sophie Monk.

And so when a listener called up and said “do you want some goss about Love Island” they were instantly intrigued.

Scarlett had ironically called up for help from Kyle and Jackie O to set her up with a waiter that she’d met briefly at a popular cafe when she revealed that she’d actually dated one of the guys currently featured on Love Island.

And, well, Scarlett wanted to let all of us know that this guy is not as nice and down to earth as he seems on the show. According to Scar he’s actually incredibly self absorbed and that’s the reason why she broke things off with him!

“I used to date Charlie,” began Scarlett. For those who are unsure, Charlie is the young, stocky, blonde haired rugby player who was coupled up with Natasha on the first episode but she VERY quickly friend-zoned him. Maybe THIS is why!

“He constantly talks about himself and like constantly asks me to take shirtless photos of him because he wanted to practice his model poses,” continued Scarlett. 

“He’s like, yeah, self obsessed and would take like mirror shots in my bathroom.


“That’s why I ended it because I was like I can’t deal with these obsessive people.”

We reckon Jackie’s reaction to this news was spot on when she said, “Oh ewwwww.” There really is nothing more unattractive than a guy who’s in love with himself.

Love Island continues at 8:30pm on 9GO Sunday-Thursday.

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