Looks like second time wasn’t the charm for Love Island’s Tayla Damir.

Following the heartbreak she experienced with Grant Crapp on Australia’s first season of Love Island, fans were happy to see her move on with fellow Love Island cast member Dom Thomas.

But after a few months of dating, Tayla and Dom have confirmed that they are no longer together, releasing a joint Youtube video to their channel on Wednesday night to explain the situation.


“Alright so we’ve had a lot of questions the last, maybe, month,” said Dom in the video.

“We pretty much just needed a bit of time to sort it all out for ourselves and obviously we were getting asked a lot of questions but we didn’t really know in our heads where we were at ourselves so now we just thought it’s time just to let you know that me and Tayla are no longer together.”

Tayla, who was sitting next to her now ex-boyfriend, jumped in and reassured everyone that there was no bad blood between the pair.


“There’s no story behind it,” she said. “There’s no drama. We’re just in different parts and directions in our life and that’s just how it is so we hope everyone can respect our privacy and just respect that we’re still fine and we’re still mates.”

“It’s just been a difficult time at the moment so we will continue to support each other and we do hope that you guys can understand where we’re coming from,” added Dom.

“I guess that’s just how we feel right now at this point in life. So sorry for letting you guys wait so long.”

In conclusion, Tayla and Dom asked their fans to respect their decision.

“We just needed to process it ourselves and now we’re ready to share it with you.” said Tayla. “

We’re obviously going to be respectful of one another so hopefully you can be respectful of us and our decisions.”


Tayla and Dom met on Love Island last year but were never coupled up together.

Tayla went on to win the show with Grant Crapp before it was revealed that he had a girlfriend on the outside during the show, causing them to break up.


Months later in October, Tayla and Dom revealed their relationship to Australia on Instagram. But now it seems that love is over.

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