While finding love on a reality TV show might not have been Grant Crapp’s cup of tea after his experience on Love Island epically crashed and burned, maybe a more hardcore TV competition will be.

It appears that Mr Crapp is giving the world of TV another spin after he seemingly confirmed that he would be heading to the jungle to take part in the next season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Rumour’s that Grant would be heading to the jungle first surfaced last month after NW reported that Channel 10 would be packing the show with ex-reality star contestants including Love Island’s winning ex-couple, Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir.

While there’s no word yet on Tayla signing on, Grant took to his Instagram account last night to post a not-so-cryptic message that fans reckon means he’s definitely going to be on the show.

In the post, Grant can be seen about to tuck into a breakfast feast. In the caption he wrote, “Do you think you could out eat me” accompanied with the hashtag, “#ihopethejunglehasthisfood”.



Fans instantly started commenting, questioning if this meant that he was definitely heading onto I’m A Celeb.

Not to mention the last time that Grant was in studio with Kyle and Jackie O, he revealed that he would definitely be interested in doing another reality TV show, although this was in reference to being the next Bachelor. 


And well if this is true, then it’s possible that some of the other rumoured contestants such as Nasser and Ryan from MAFS, or Tara Pavlovic from Bachelor In Paradise, might just be taking part too!

We highly doubt that Tayla Damir will sign on though with her ex Grant Crapp on there. Can you imagine these two trapped in a jungle together? That sh*t’s bound to get messy! (Although it would be reality TV gold if they could make it happen.

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