Love Island’s Teddy might have left the Spanish villa a single man, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t fall head over heels for a girl while he was overseas.

While none of the female contestants ended up being the model’s cup of tea, it seems that the host of the show and our good mate Sophie Monk might have actually caught his eye.

The idea was first brought up by one of the other Love Island Contestant’s Grant when he came into the Kyle and Jackie O Show for his new ‘Sports Crapp’ segment. He told Kyle and Jackie that he’d heard rumours that Sophie had been chatting up some of the islanders from the show since filming wrapped up.

“I wanna ask quickly Jackie…is it true Sophie Monk is chatting to John James or Teddy?” asked Grant. “There’s been a little bit of a rumour…I heard that the other day…I just heard from someone that they’d been chatting.”

Jackie was quick to deny the rumours saying that if they were true, Sophie would have one hundred percent told her because they talk pretty much everyday. What a good friend you are Jacks! But as it happened, Sophie was actually listening into the show and decided to call up and put the rumours to rest herself.

“No I’m not talking to any of them,” said Sophie definitively. She explained that the only contact that she’d had with Love Island contestants was the DMs that she’d messaged to most of the girls.

But as it turns out, while Sophie might not be talking to any of the boys, one of them definitely wishes that she was! Teddy joined in on the conversation and he said that he definitely found Sophie attractive and wanted to start something up with her.


“I am trying to hook up with Sophie,” said Teddy. “I think we’d make beautiful babies.”

But if Teddy has any hope of actually making this happen he’d better step up his game because as Sophie said, she had NO idea that he liked her or was trying to hook up with her. We know some guys like to be subtle in the chase but we think that no contact at all is a bit too subtle there Ted.

Now back to Grant; the reason why we were actually having the conversation in the first place. He went on to update us on his situation with Tayla, saying that he had managed to get in contact with her and had messaged with her over the past few days.

“I spoke to Tayla the last two days but it’s only briefly, there’s a lot been happening in her life so I just wanted to make sure she was alright,” he said.

Naw that’s sweet of you Grant but we’re sorry to say that we reckon Teddy and Sophie have more chance of getting together than you and Tayla do at this point…

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