Married At First Sight’s Hayley Vernon has recently gone public about joining OnlyFans, which is a content subscription service where ‘fans’ pay money to get ‘personal’ content from creators.

Speaking to The Wash, the ex-reality contestant brought to light the hypocrisy behind men slut-shaming women.

“It’s funny how guys call women with OnlyFans sluts and shame them, but they are more than happy when you’re sending them nudes for free,” she started, “They just can’t stand the idea that a woman would profit from or be in control [of her body].”

I didn’t expect that kind of insight from Hayley, to be honest, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

Whether you approve or not of joining OnlyFans to make money, you have to admit she has a point.

“In a world where a woman’ sexuality is used for profit by everyone but her, I feel empowered that I can do this on my own accord.”

Get it, girl!

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