There has been rumour and speculation… and let’s not forget the ridicule. 

So what does Married At First Sight Contestant Jessika Power have to say about the plastic surgery rumours? 

“I’m clearing this up now with everyone, because it’s just been massive speculation,” she said. 

“‘She’s had this done’, ‘she’s had her boobs done’, ‘she’s had a nose job’, blah blah blah. NO!” she explained. 

“I’ve only ever had my lips done, over the last basically two years i’ve had a mL put in my lips.

Before I went on the show I had them done about three months prior, so the swelling was still quite prominent.


“And when I drink alcohol it’s just when I drink they swell.”

That scene with the beer had Jess cringing at the screen too, don’t worry. 

Talking about body image, the Instagram model and executive assistant said that being an advocate for positive body image is really important to her. 

Having seen young girls go through the modelling world and feel that pressure to be perfect, she wants to be a role model for accepting yourself and promoting a strong body image and self worth. 

There’s also one other cause very close to Jess’s heart that she wants to bring people’s attention to. 


“My partner actually passed away through suicide two years ago, so men’s mental health is something I am also really pushing for,” she said. 

“And I’d love a platform to speak positively on those [two causes].”

Well, she may have gone a tad overboard with the lip filler this time around, but we can’t fault her on what she wants to do with her fifteen minutes of fame. 

The EA also said that she’s studying event management and has no intention of giving up her day job just because she appeared on Married At First Sight. 

Unlike Mel who is now claiming she is broke and almost homeless after giving away her job for the reality TV show…