Elizabeth Sobinoff has recently been in headlines due to her upsetting break up with MAFS husband Seb Guilhaus.

They seemed so good together!

However, the timing seemed a little suspicious to some fans, as they announced their breakup right before the ball started rolling for the new season of MAFS.

Was she really going to get a third chance on MAFS to find love? That would be crazy right? We would eat it up though!

However, Lizzie jumped on her socials last night to address the swirling rumours, in her Instagram stories she said “I’m not returning for another season of Aussie MAFS, so piss off!”

“The show is filmed prior to airing. Use your brains, I was living with my partner at the time, learning and growing…”

Ouch but true, very true, thanks for putting me in my place.


“Sorry if that was a bit feisty, I’m kind of, you know, going through something…..”

Your break up? That’s actually very fair.

Just know that we’d love to see another season with you Lizzie!

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