If you haven’t heard yet (which you probably haven’t) Martha from MAFS has been trying to make it big on Youtube and she’s doing great!

At 36.2k subscribers and growing with people trickling through from her 329k followers on Instagram, she’s looking to get some traffic to her new channel!

Martha is hosting a competition and she’s giving away $500 worth of makeup from Marc Jacobs, KVD Vegan Beauty and stuff from Sephora!!

All you need to do is grab your boyfriend (or someone who will pretend to be your boyfriend) and do the BF makeup challenge to enter.


But what is the makeup challenge you ask?

It’s pretty self explanatory, you grab the boy and you give him your makeup and make him give you a ~LEWK~, which normally ends hilariously because most guys don’t even know what to do with an eyeliner pen let alone a contour palette. 


So grab your guys, get inspired by Martha & Michael’s video and get that beat on!