Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight truly was epic as we got to see Mishel stand up for herself and finally put her onscreen husband Steve in his place.

During their final vows, Mishel told Steve bluntly that people either come together for a reason or a season, and that they are DONESO!

“You wasted my time,” she told him. “Goodbye Steve.” And basically all of Australia was cheering her on from their couches.

Following the episode, Mishel joined Kyle and Jackie O to tell us about her time on the show. And she told us that even she was subject to a bit of heavy editing on the show.

In case you didn’t watch, basically the whole season it was made to look like Mishel desperately wanted to have sex with Steve but he wasn’t interested in intimacy at all. He didn’t even give her a proper smooch!


But while it seemed like it was just sex, sex, sex, for Mishel, she told us this morning that she was definitely made out to be acting far more sexual than she really was.

“When you were trying to seduce him for some sexy time, what did you do?” Kyle asked Mishel this morning.

“It was actually a joke,” Mishel revealed.

“He played with his phone quite a bit so I was just saying some random sh*t and I came out with, ‘Oh do you want to have sex? Or kiss? Or just have sex?’.

“So one comment and it blew up into me wanting to have sex with Steve all the time.”


“You didn’t want to have sex or the time or you were just joking?” Kyle asked.

“It was a joke once and they just, I don’t know, they got me to say the right stuff at the right time,” Mishel replied.

So by the sounds of things Mishel wasn’t actually constantly trying to get into bed with Steve. Of course we know that everything that happens on reality TV needs to be taken with a grain of salt as it’s always subject to the editing brush, so it’s not surprising.

As for her relationship with Steve now, it seemed during their time on the show that Mishel and Steve would stay friends even if things didn’t work out between them.

Mishel told us that while she’s been speaking on and off with Steve, she recently decided to cut ties with him altogether.


“He sort of said, ‘I don’t know what I’d ever do without Mishel in my life’. Are you still friends after this or are you cutting ties altogether?” Jackie asked.

“We were talking for some time but no we’ve cut ties altogether,” Mishel revealed. “It was more on my side. Yeah, it doesn’t work out.”

While Mishel didn’t gain a relationship from the experiment, she did tell us that it did help her improve her own self esteem, and we’re certainly happy for her with that!

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