Tensions are building amongst multiple couples as we head into this week’s commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight.

If the preview is anything to go by, this ep is going to be a doozie. 

We already know that our favourite line from the episode is going to be this blow up from Mel as producers try to squeeze as much out of her story arc with Dino as they can.

“You’re acting like I slept with your best friend and killed your dog!”

Cos apparently he’s back to recording her private conversations again… I mean never mind the cameras constantly in her face as part of a TV show recording her conversations. Her fake husband is completely betraying her trust. 

Then Cyrell hints that she knows something is going on with Nic and Jess or at least that he’s about to leave – so get the popcorn ready, cos we all know there’s a few confrontations to come there. 

Finally Jess is called out for a flirtation (or more) with Dan and honestly, we don’t know how she has time to have three guys on the go all the while filming a TV show.


And can it be Sunday already cos we’re ready for the contestants to spill the tea. 

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!