It’s been a tough six months for the relaunched Today show but it looks like they are set to shake things up again.

The Australian is reporting that the show will now have Tom Steinfort as the head anchor, with Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight featuring less.

The newspaper says ‘Today’s hosting duo Deb Knight and Georgie Gardner will effectively become a trio. Expect to see more of Steinfort in all facets of Today from now on, breaking up what viewers perceive to be a competitive dynamic between Gardner and Knight.’

Weather presenter Steve Jacobs is also said to be taking a more significant role on the show.

The reports come from a ‘Channel Nine Insider’ who says that Australians have struggled to accept an all-fame hosting panel.

‘Viewers have had decades of a male-female combination. It takes time to change that sort of habit,’ they said. 

Channel Nine have said in return  ‘Our promos, marketing and publicity has been consistent in its messaging of “wake up with Georgie, Deb and Tom” since we launched in January. Nothing has changed.’