We invited Katrina Wenk into the studio under the guise of doing a segment on “What It’s Like To Be A Full Time Carer” But we had a surprise… 

This is a woman who has dedicated her life to caring for her year year old daughter daughter who has an intellectual disability, tetrasomy 18p, which means a lot of medical issues, intellectual impairment and a lot of delays.  

Always putting her own needs second, Katrina is on call 24 – 7 for her daughter in the most physically and emotionally demanding way. 

When her daughter has a tantrum in public the devoted mum says she does “lose my patient with the normal world, when 20 eyes are staring down on me”.

“I actually now speak up and physically say to people out loud, ‘yes she has an intellectual impairment, no she’s not happy’, and they turn away,” Katrina confessed. 

Her daughter has also spent the past fortnight in hospital with ongoing medical issues in relation to her condition. 

So, we wanted to surprise Katrina and give her a special day to absolutely spoil herself. 


So we lined up getting a glorious massage at Kailo Medi Spa, her hair and makeup done at Stefan Hair, a $300 voucher for a new outfit (or two) from Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, followed by dinner for two at Gambaro’s Restaurant

Could you think of a better day in Brisbane? 

While just a slight reprieve, we hope Katrina enjoys her day being spoilt and fussed over. 

Watch her reaction when Bianca, Mike and Bob revealed the real reason for our chat below.