Belinda was with her partner for two years before the physical domestic abuse began. 

The Brisbane mother entered the relationship thinking it was everything she ever wanted… It wasn’t until it was too late that she realised he was an emotional manipulator, a complete narcissist who had isolated her from her nearest and dearest. 

What’s worse is that her children had to witness and hear the fighting. 

One fateful night Belinda built up the strength to leave in the middle of the night with her kids, but it was not easy. With no where else to go they slept in the car that night. 

The next day the kids were left with their biological father (from a previous relationship) and Belinda began the search for a place to live and start their new life, despite money being tight and the emotional drain of years of abuse still taking their toll.

Recently, daughter Lilly had begun expressing her absolute dream to go and see Taylor Swift in concert.


The heartbreaking thing is that she would always end each request with “don’t worry, I know we can’t afford it. I can’t go”. 

We thought we’d see if we could help bring a smile to their faces and bring some joy back into their life…

Listen to Bianca, Mike & Bob’s make it happen below. 

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