At 240 kilos, former Brisbane radio personality Jamie Meldrum knew something had to change. 

“I had diabetes, and was hypertensive… I couldn’t even walk from the taxi to my office building.”

But, as Meldrum explains, “that was gone in weeks”. 

It all started when he tried a juice cleanse, which involved 80 per cent vegetable juice, and 20 per cent fruit juice over the course of 62 days.

“In the first five days [of the juice cleanse], I lost 12 kilos.” 

When we think of juice cleanses, we’re immediately struck with a feeling of hunger and desperation. But, was this the case for Meldrum?

“After five to seven days the hunger goes away,” he reassured Bianca, Mike & Bob. 


And, his tips for those struggling with weight loss? Education.

“Educate yourself about what is in your diet. Once you understand it, you can’t unlearn it.”

Meldrum is now a vegan, and is the healthiest he’s ever been.

Listen for the full chat below!

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