Whether you like it or not, Mariah Carey is basically the Queen of Christmas nowadays with all her Christmas specials, merchandise and, of course, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

So there’s little wonder that you see the odd bit of unauthorised Mariah Christmas merchandise pop up here and there.

CNN’s Kyle Blaine took to Twitter to share his little piece of unauthorised Mariah merch, a festive Christmas tree ornament of the pop diva re-creating the cover of her hit Christmas single.

And sure, the face is a little off, this Mariah does have an eyebrow above her nose and her left eye seems to have gone for a bit of a wander.

But apart from those minor details, I cannot tell the difference between the Christmas ornament Mariah and the CD cover Mariah.


The singer was a little bemused in her response to the tweet, but seemed to take it in good humour.

Mariah retweeted the image, adding: “This is… Not approved (But it’s the thought that counts).